Our security solutions are built
to secure your innovation.

Data Sealing

Digital Sealing & Data Integrity

We provide Blockchain-based data integrity solutions. Our technology acts as a bridge between the enterprise data world and the blockchain-based Web3 world.

Let us help you to secure your data via our data integrity solution and be prepared to proof the origin and format of your data any time.

Security Data Exchange

Secure Data Exchange

Military-grade certified secure data exchange of your most critical and confidential data. Our solution can be tailored to fit your needs. We handle the infrastructure, hybrid or on-premise, and you can count on us to store, send, transfer and receive data with your peace of mind.


Cloud Hosting & Blockchain Mining

To serve your needs, we offer dedicated cloud hosting services with geographic locations in Europe that leverage your growth and enhance your infrastructure stability by minimizing your downtime.

Custom Solution

Studio: Custom Solutions from Scratch

We build custom-made blockchain-based applications from scratch. Let us know your idea and use case; our team will build it from the ground up by taking the whole use case into account to deliver the highest quality to your customers.


As an approved and trusted Airbus Defence and Space Supplier, we are committed to providing the highest standards. We offer decentralized and cyber-resilient military-grade multi-domain smart connectivity from integrations of heterogeneous platforms to existing legacy platforms.


We have you covered no matter how tough your requirements, communication via public infrastructure, or entirely isolated networks. Our select product's Trusted Execution Environment's (TEE) threat model is cyber-resilient even against attackers having physical access to the hardware, network, and operating system.

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