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Do you want to learn about the new Web? Are you curious to learn Blockchain basics and how to use the technology for data security?

Our team provides workshops on blockchain basics, blockchain for data integrity and secure cloud computing. Get in touch with us to request a workshop layout and educate your team.

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Awareness Training

Know the threats and vulnerabilities in your environment when working in mission-critical environments. Designed to train all non-technical employees in an organization, from sales to C-Suite, on the best practices to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks.

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Startup Incubator Program

Are you a start-up in your ideation to launch phase? Are you looking to serve the blockchain or cybersecurity community? Join our program to benefit from our network, mentorship, and studio to build to sustainably scale your business.

We are a full-stack partner supporting you to build, manage and administrate your company.

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For Universities

We partner with your university to provide real business use cases to your students. Students have the chance to work in internal teams and learn about Web3, blockchain and cybersecurity services.

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Universities we work with


What You Get

  • Mentors that never stop learning with international work and life experience beyond European and North American borders.
  • State of the art cross-disciplinary knowledge and collaboration from industry leaders and our partners. Let us extend your network as well.
  • As a university you get real industry projects customized for your students.

Interested in shaping the industry?