We. Secure. Innovation.

Our Expertise

How We Work

On Project basis, where we can guarantee the delivery of a predefined scope within a specific time frame.


On Consultant basis, where our consultants approach any challenge with the mindset to optimize.


Team creation, we create fully dedicated teams to bring your ideas to success!


We use our global network to bring innovation into practice to deliver our best.

What We Do

We. create an impact that lasts with an unrivaled environment for exceptional people.


We Secure. your infrastructure, business growth and IT-projects by leading with integrity.


We live Innovation. and conquer complexity to drive impact with a sense of ownership to build our client's capabilities sustaining improvement.

What You Get

Our experts with a track record of outstanding success deliver long-term measurable performance improvements with bottom-line results.


The best teams for your projects, set-up flexible and according to your individual requirements.


Highest professionalism at work with a team of multi-cultural backgrounds and a global open mindset.

What our clients say

Thanks to MH-IT, who took over the project management of our digital portal solution in the public healthcare sector, the project got bootstrapped with intensive speed.

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with such an experienced and agile team.

 Stephan Hänf, General Manager


What our clients say

MH-IT is a service provider we can always rely on. Their SAP-Basis consultants provide exceptional work executed with high professionalism. In addition, the team always keeps an innovative approach and leads cutting-edge technology trends into every project.

Andreas Stucke, General Manager

Mobil ISC GmbH

What our clients say

It's rare to find a trusted partner covering all aspects of growth services such as marketing, developer advocation, and infrastructure expansion in an entirely new market. However, the MH-IT team has provided us with remarkably professional services that have led our business to grow in the European market from day one.

Marvin Tong, Co-founder

Phala Network

What our clients say

Working with MH-IT means, we can rely on a professional, experienced, and flexible team. Additionally to their excellent project execution, we always had fun working together.

Our joint project expertise ranges from Cybersecurity services to SAP Basis administration, and we look forward to expanding on further areas.

Daniel Metz, Chairman of the Board of Directors

NTT Data